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Choose Mick Craig Business Broker in 2023 to get the best value for your...


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I would like to take the opportunity to sincerely thank you for your professionalism in assisting me purchase my new venture. I highly recommend other businessman I deal with, you and your company. The manner in which you dealt with me from our initial meeting to finalising the deal was outstanding. The information memorandum provided was very thorough. [expand title="Read More"] You were always available for all my queries and you gave me the relevant advice. There were no surprises and issues with the settlement process. Please feel free to use this letter in your portfolio, and I’m happy to speak to anyone who wants more information beyond this. Thank you for my wonderful gift! [/expand]
The Coffee Club SOLD
by Terry Agiasotelis
The Coffee Club The Coffee Club Garden City
I approached Mick Craig to sell my business. I made this approach after having received several emails from Mick promoting his success in selling other franchise businesses. I might add that my approach followed a couple of years of dealing with various brokers who promised the world and delivered no potential buyers. After I met with Mick and his team, the sale of the business was set up and I started to see an immediate increased level of real interest in buying my business. [expand title="Read More"]Mick and his team provided regular communication on progress with potential buyers, likelihood of the buyer proceeding further and any issues that needed to be addressed to achieve a sale. At all times, I found that Mick and his team provided frank and relevant advice and feedback to ensure that my business was a viable option for potential purchasers. I can assure anyone considering either selling or buying a business that Mick offers a comprehensive customer oriented approach that is designed to match sellers with buyers and provide a positive outcome for both.[/expand]
by Neil Stenhouse
MBE Eight Mile Plains
Research done I realized we needed a Business Broker who had earnt their name by getting businesses “Sold”. Contacting MICK CRAIG was a sound decision. At our initial meeting with Mick Craig, we discussed our business, and Mick went through the processes he puts in place, including a developing a very Professional Business Profile for Buyers and then a Qualification process that protected me from Tyre Kickers. [expand title="Read More"]Our meeting with Mick was honest and he was upfront with costs and requirements as well, he had to believe that he could sell our business. We received updates on interested buyers and their progress through the “Qualification” steps. Doing that saved me an enormous amount of energy and time and meant that I could continue with running my business without distraction and the frustration of meeting with the wrong or unqualified buyer. SOLD! We had a Contract at our asking Price within 6 Weeks of going on the Market. When you have made the decision to “Sell” your business, you want to make sure that it is presented in its best light to achieve the best possible return. Most importantly engage someone who has a Strong “Sold” Track Record like Mick Craig![/expand]
by Jeff Maurice
ENZED Brisbane

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